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At BuildForMe, our expansion wings spread across different construction projects and building processes. We offer all kinds of construction services depending on what our customers need or desire. Construction services like Knockdown and Rebuild, Subdividing Land, Multi-Unit development, Construction Project Management, Designing for Narrow block, Sloping Blocks, and Corner Blocks are the type of construction services we render with plans to delve into more construction services as we grow as a construction company.

  • – Luxury homes
  • – Multi Unit Development
  • – Custom Design Homes
  • Knockdown and Rebuild:
  • Change is said to be constant and a knockdown and rebuild of a property happens for various reasons. At BuildForMe, you can be assured that your knockdown and rebuilding process will be simple and satisfying with a quality result.
  • Designing for Narrow Blocks: There are many challenges building on narrow sites. It requires careful planning and attention to detail with the construction process. Our entire team of builders and architects have these skill-sets and experience to build a quality construction.
  • Designing for Sloping Blocks: Council laws and regulations can be a nightmare when it comes to construction. You need to know Complying with laws and regulations of the council in the construction site community is one of the few challenges posed when constructing sloping blocks. Different restrictions like the width, height and size of the building is another challenging factor when constructing sloping blocks. Even with this mammoth task, we at BuildForMe will deal with all these regulations on your behalf to provide you with a timeless and modernized design that suits individual tastes.
  • Designing for Corner Blocks: Just like every other building processes service we offer, extensive and proper planning is always the forefront of our work. We conduct a lot of studies concerning the site and the community itself as part of our extensive planning process to give us a better understanding of what we are dealing with to avoid unnecessary natural or man-made disaster. Though restrictions from community council can pose as a challenge to this construction process, we ensure to follow due diligence processes to ensure regulations are followed.

Luxury Residential Development

Before embarking on any project, it is very important to really understand it, as well as its aims and objectives. Regardless of the nature of the project once this basic thing is done, it becomes easy to know if the project fits into the entirety of your investment strategy. From a simple home to a much more sophisticated luxury home, clarity of aims and objectives also clarifies the design of the buildings and the actual purposes they will be serving.

This will enable you to allocate the right design requirement strategy as well as use the appropriate procedure which is very cost effective, saving lots of time and hassle-free.

As experienced professionals in this particular area, we consider lots of important factors to ensure that your project and its aims and objectives are not sabotaged.

Town planning regulations

This involves careful examination of your site to be sure that it is compliant with the relevant town planning requirements. We take time to ask questions like “Does your site have trees that may be a problem?” or “Is it in the middle of a legal tussle?”

From our experience as specialist architects for luxury homes, and based on the success recorded working on projects compliant with different town planning regulations, we have a good grasp on the town planning codes and guidelines. Therefore, as development service providers, we can help you to:

  • Quickly implement the town planning guidelines
  • Effectively manage the in-house application of town planning guidelines
  • Harness properly the potential of every site

For the guaranteed success of your project, you need the right company.

Identifying the right company that offers quality and understands the aims and objectives of the project that you can easily work is very important in ensuring the success of your project.

Good designs really matter

For luxury homes, a good design is what really makes the difference. Apart from the pleasure derived from the aesthetics it offers, it holds great financial value for business and investment purposes from the perspective of a developer.  On the other hand, when a residential building is poorly designed, it reduces the value of the house as it turns away potential buyers. The best way to ensure the success of your project is by seeking the services of reputable architects for a good design of your home. Regardless of the cost, it is a worthy investment for a luxury home of great value.




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Suite 2, 1401 Burke Road,
Kew East VIC 3102

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Suite 2, 1401 Burke Road, Kew East VIC 3102
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